Brand Ambassador

A Brand Ambassador is responsible for the implementation of the MARQ My Words Foundation goals in the specific marketing area in which they reside. They are responsible for carrying out the development process and representing the overall vision and strategy of the MARQ My Words Foundation.

This person will share the MARQ My Words initiatives with communities in order to increase awareness, create a positive image, and engage with potential supporters.

In this position you will be asked to delegate tasks, as well as recruit volunteers. The ideal candidate brings a drive for results, helping others, and a love of making a positive impact on multiple levels!

What You’ll Do:

  • Generate funding and brand awareness through social media

  • Use presentation skills and the ability to expertly articulate the facts regarding the MARQ MY WORDS Foundation's overall mission.

  • Obtain and schedule meeting with sponsors, special supporters, and partners to discuss the development of the foundation and short/long term goals for the foreseeable future.

  • Represent MARQ My Words brand at all times publicly/social media

  • Be present at events. Will be asked to wear oxblood (maroon) pants and blazer with the ambassador shirt.

What You'll Need:

  • Organizational Skills.

  • Communication Proficiency

  • Collaboration Skills.

  • Registered to Vote

  • Time Management Skills.

  • Personal Effectiveness/Credibility

  • Ability to travel for work-related meetings with foundation supporters and sponsors.



Get Hands On & Build a Legacy

All MARQ My Words Foundation volunteers are considered members of the family! We appreciate all the help we can get. Becoming a volunteer does not mean a major commitment in time and effort.  It is important that volunteers are competent and confident in their role. However, if your goals for becoming a volunteer are compatible with the goals of the foundation, becoming a MARQ My Words volunteer may turn out to be an extremely rewarding and enriching experience.

What You’ll Do:

  • Help with the successful execution of events. (Decorations, Loading and unloading, greeting guests, clean up, etc)

  • Help generate funding and brand awareness through social media

  • Excellent presentation skills and the ability to expertly articulate  the MARQ MY WORDS Foundation overall mission.

  • Staff MARQ My Words Foundation tent. Sell merchandise, register voters, pass out brochures, inform visitors about the foundation's mission.

  • Arrive at least 45 min before events

What You'll Need:

  • Organizational Skills

  • Positive teamwork attitude

  • Problem Solving Skills


Sponsoring the right event or organization can even shape consumers’ attitudes towards your company. Are your goals and views aligned with that of the foundation? If so, we'd love your assistance to help us build and become a larger team of like-minded professionals making a difference in the community.

MARQ My Words Foundation is currently seeking sponsorship financially or through the provision of products or services. 

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Heightened visibility due to positive publicity through the media

  • Referenced in promotional materials

  • Opportunities to included branded items products as giveaways

  • Sponsorship Recognition plaque
  • Reserved seating at events

Please inquire for more details*​